Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Ultimate No-Sew T-shirt Diaper

I have found the ultimate no-sew t-shirt diaper, and it is also the ultimate night-time diaper! Unfortunately I can't take credit for it, but I thought I'd blog about it anyway since I love it so much. It's just a folding technique that allows you to use a t-shirt (unmodified) as a diaper, where the sleeves become the wings.

It's brilliant. After watching this I grabbed all of my no-sew t-shirt diapers and sewed all the sleeves back on.

Yes, I am a big nerd, I'm well aware of that fact.

Anyway, this is all I use on my daughter for overnights. I have four of them that I use in rotation - I love the bright colours! They just happen to match the IKEA blanket I got for my daughter:

I put a hemp doubler in it (one of my cut-down Thirsties hemp prefolds) and a Woollybottoms wool soaker on top, and that's it. For awhile I had another doubler in there - a folded up half-flannel blanket on the outside of the diaper, but it was rarely very wet in the morning so I decided to take the chance and leave it out one night, and it's been out ever since.

I use a couple of T-shirts for daytime use as well (the two smallest, a mens M and a L; the overnights are pretty much all XL) under a wool soaker, though my SWWs work well over them, too. If I were on a really tight diaper budget this is all I'd use. Honestly, the fit is spectacular, they're so versatile because you can fold them wider or narrower or longer or shorter depending on your baby's body type, and they're really really absorbent! And at $1 per diaper (no modification required!!) it's a steal.

Too bad those 2 Thirsties hemp prefolds I bought for overnights were a COMPLETE WASTE OF MONEY. Ah well, it was only $14... plus shipping... Let's not think about how many t-shirt diapers I could have gotten for that...