Sunday, August 14, 2011

Diaper Discouraged

I made another fitted diaper last weekend (all in one day!) and while it turned out nicely:

I've become somewhat discouraged with these T-shirt diapers, only because the jersey is very stretchy and that makes it difficult to sew. Everything is fine up until the last step - serging (or in my case, zigzagging) the diaper while putting the top layer on. The top (or inside) layer of the diaper always stretches out so much while I'm sewing it on that it either makes little pleats here and there or I find I have to stop and cut off a few millimetres from the edge, and it's very frustrating. You can change the pressure on the foot on my sewing machine - if the foot presses down too much on the fabric it stretches it out while it sews - but there are only 3 settings, and the lightest stetting still presses down too much. If and when I make another diaper I'm going to try zigzagging it upside-down (with the top layer on the bottom) and see if that makes a difference, but I'm doubtful it will. 

Something else that adds to the discouragement is that not all jersey is Snappi-friendly. If the weave is too tight the Snappi doesn't bite well and tends to pop off. I don't like using pins because I'm not good at using pins, and I also don't like poking holes in this rather thin fabric all the time. I have used pins on these t-shirt diapers on occasion and if I can get them in the right position they work pretty well, but I'm afraid that they'll just end up destroying the diaper.

Finally, my problem is that I'm more inclined to use prefolds and flat diapers on my daughter, so no matter what fitteds I use (Crunchy-Viking-made or otherwise) they're somewhat sub-standard in my opinion.

So what's next? Making flat diapers from T-shirts, of course!

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