Friday, August 19, 2011

T-shirt Diaper Love


I turned the rest of my second-hand T-shirts into No-Sew Diapers and I LOVE them. As crazy as it sounds, they are my favourite diapers right now. The jersey is surprisingly absorbent, and I like that they're stretchy, which means I can get a good fit around my daughter's skinny waist and her chubby thighs.

The diaper is surprisingly trim despite all the layers. And because I can get such a good fit around her legs (and the Snappi holds on really well) I can use the pull-on style wool soakers with these diapers, which is a big plus. But really, it fits well under any kind of cover.

My favourite part I think is the rainbow of colours I can get!

There's green:

Royal blue:


This one's a kind of turquoise-y blue, though you can't really see it in the picture:

And of course, basic white:

Oh, and I'd like to amend my earlier comments about the right sized T-shirt - a mens L or XL is NOT too big, in fact I like how it fits much better than the medium.  A large or extra-large is much nicer to fold and it doesn't get too thick between the legs like I thought it would.

Even the XXL was all right:

It's really big, as you can see. I had to zig-zag around the collar because that extra strip of fabric that is usually in T-shirts along the shoulders and collar seams was different in this shirt - it was only along the back of the collar, and it was there in lieu of an actual serged seam. I cut around the front of the collar to remove it, then zigzagged the open seam. Anyway, this particular T-shirt isn't overly thick (about average, I guess) but even with the extra layers it still folded up well and fit nicely.

I believe it would work quite well as an overnight diaper (with the addition of a couple of doublers) which makes me regret my recent purchase of 2 Thirsties hemp jersey prefolds that I'd bought specifically for overnight, and that I unravelled before washing to make flats and almost ruined. The new fabric was so fragile that when I took all the stitching out it created a milling pinholes of various sizes that I had to stitch up by hand to keep the whole damn thing from unravelling. I should have washed them first, but I wasn't thinking.

Anyway, I love love LOVE these T-shirt diapers. Goodwill is having a 50%-off sale today and I almost went to pick up some more T-shirts... but I didn't find out until 2 in the afternoon and I didn't feel like fighting the crowd that I know would be there... plus I don't really need any more diapers right now, even one-dollar diapers. Though I'd really like to completely replace my flats with the T-shirt flats.

I wonder when they'll have another sale...

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