Saturday, June 4, 2011

What is a Crunchy Viking?

I'll start off by expanding on my blog description.

Fluff Addict:
While I was pregnant I had intended on using cloth diapers when the inevitable baby came, but there was so much chaos at the time my daughter was born (she was in the hospital for a week, I was there for 4 days, there was a death in the family) combined with the fact that nobody in my family or my dh's used cloth (apart from some in his parent's generation, but that was over 30 years ago) and my best friend, who had introduced me to cloth, had moved to Edmonton years before. Plus, the washing machine that our house came with was the crappiest top loader in the history of the world, and I was convinced it wouldn't be able to clean poopy diapers. It wasn't until it broke down (no, I didn't sabotage it) and our landlord bought us a new front loader that I switched to cloth.

Shortly after that I discovered that top loaders are the best kind of washer for diapers (doh!), but since our old one had black mold on the inside of the barrel casing, it wouldn't have been appropriate anyway.

Okay, so my dd's 8 months old and I start cloth and it doesn't take long for me to become a complete addict. I've gone through every kind of cloth diaper (selling off the ones I didn't like) and even though I'm pretty happy with the stash I've got now (bummis prefolds, Mother-ease OS/sandy's and Woollybottoms wool soakers) I still get the itch to try new ones.

I've started to sew my own cloth diapers (more on that later) to 'feed the beast' as it were, but my dh often asks me, "What are you going to do when dd's potty trained?"

I don't know. Go insane, maybe. Make and sell diapers, probably. Possibly both.

Modern Hippie:
I do a lot of things that could be classified as 'hippie-esque' or 'green' or 'eco-friendly' but most things I do are not over-the-top-hippie. I've got a big backyard and I grow veggies, herbs and berries. I use cloth diapers and cloth wipes  on my child. I use 'all-natural' laundry detergent, hand soap, dish soap, bath soap, shampoo, deoderant etc., and soap nuts for the diapers. We have a clothesline in the backyard. We buy 'organic' and 'local' whenever possible. When I have time, I bake my own bread. I decided to be a SAHM until dd goes to school.

There are some things that I do that would put me closer to the Realm of Hippie - I'm naturally weaning my dd (she's 22 months now and still nursing on demand), we co-sleep, I carried and still occasionally carry my dd in a sling, I made a nursing/teething necklace out of hemp cord and wooden beads, I'm starting to make my own cloth diapers, I use a menstrual cup and cloth menstrual pads, and even cloth wipes instead of toilet paper (but only for #1).

However, I watch a lot of TV and couldn't live without satellite TV, movies, internet, WoW.... And I do shave.

History Buff:
When I'm not a SAHM I occasionally do a shift at work - I'm an historical interpreter at a living history museum. Basically that means I dress up like a pioneer and show museum guests how people lived in Toronto in the pre-Victorian and Victorian Age. I love it - it's the best job I've ever had and I'm lucky that they can still do the odd shift here and there so that I can go back and work there when dd goes to school. I have a bachelor's and Master's degree in anthropology/canadian studies/native studies, and the time of 'contact' (between settlers and First Nations) in Ontario is my area of interest.

I also love ancient history, and my favourite age is the Viking Age. I was born in Sweden and we came to Canada when I was 3, and I still consider myself to be Swedish and love to read about Vikings in Sweden. I was even a member of the SCA and I've got Viking Age garb in the spare bedroom closet upstairs.

One of these days I'll get something published - I say that a lot. I write long-short stories (or short-long stories, however you want to look at it) in the speculative fiction or urban fiction genre. I've got about 20 already finished and about half as many on the go and they mainly deal with ghosts, vampires, witches etc. all set in the 'real world.' Once I get the time (and the wherewithal) I'll self-publish a compilation or two of these stories.

I have 'published' most of my work on another blog, but I've since made it private, only because I've become paranoid about plagiarism... which is kinda ridiculous cuz nobody ever goes to the site, but hey, I'm a writer, it comes with the territory.

I love sci-fi and fantasy, and I'm a huge Trekkie (no, not a Trekker). I grew up watching the original Star Trek with my dad (and he watched it in Sweden!), and I watched every incarnation of Star Trek after that, all the movies (though, like most Trekkies, I pretend that 'Star Trek The Motion Picture' didn't happen). Stargate SG-1/Universe, Sanctuary, Fringe, The X-Files, Supernatural, Battlestar Galactica, Medium, Big Bang Theory, The Walking Dead, The Fifth Element, Star Trek First Contact, Star Trek 2009, Iron Man, Transformers, Shaun of the Dead, LOTR... these are some of my favourites (and is by no means an exhaustive list). I usually read fantasy (or urban fantasy, to be exact) more than sci-fi, but that's only because I'm very picky about my sci-fi; Michael Crichton and Robert J. Sawyer are two of my favourite authors, and they set the bar very high. For my fantasy/urban fiction I've been reading Jim Butcher (Dresden is a not-so-guilty pleasure) and Charlaine Harris (though I prefer the Haper Connelly series to Sookie Stackhouse), and of course J.K. Rowling (she writes so well it makes me angry, because I would kill to be able to be as good a writer as her) there are more that I can't think of right now.

I also live in a Mac household (we have a few Macbooks, an iphone, an ipad2, a 'hackinosh' etc.) and while I'm not a computer genius I'm pretty good. Our server in the basement is hooked up to the flat screen in the living room and I watch a lot of 'HDTV' (harddrive tv).

I'm also a recovering World of Warcraft addict.

I should probably also add seamstress to the list, since I have sewn a few things - the Viking garb, my costume for work (1830's work dress, bloomers, petticoat, apron) and besides the cloth diapers I've created a few doublers from baby blankets etc.

Well, that's me in a nutshell. Other than the above, I'm a happily married 33-year-old woman with an uber-geek husband, a 22-month-old daughter and a paraplegic bunny, and we live in a nice house in an older suburb of Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.

And I'm a Crunchy Viking.

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