Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Decepticon Diaper, Diapers in Disguise.

Okay, so this diaper's not disguised in any way, but I just had to use the catchphrase. One of the shirts that dh so generously donated to the Cloth Diaper Experiment was his Decepticon shirt. I don't have a shot of the whole shirt, but it was black with this applique:

It was a nice big shirt with no side seams, so even with that Decepticon 'face' on the front I could still get  4 full medium-sized diaper layers out of it, cuz I'm sneaky like that:

It's folded in half, so two layers under each outline. I altered the pattern, too - I rounded out the bottom of the wings to make it easier to serge, and I widened the front using the front from the large pattern as a guide.

The diaper went together easily, and putting the elastics in with the Janome was a breeze.

I reinforced the ends of the elastics by hand, just in case. I tried using the overlock stitch on the Janome to 'serge' this diaper, but the thread tension was too high; I'll have to play with that a bit before using it on a full diaper.

The Dreaded Serger still works fine on jersey; I took out one thread again because with three it's all loose, but for some reason two threads makes a nice, tight serge:

The inside of the Decepticon Diaper:

In Snappi position:

I really like the back view of this style of diaper for some reason. The frills made by the elastics and serged edges is just so cute:

After serging three diapers from this pattern I've realised that I need to change the front from that trapezoid shape to one that's more rounded because I can't quite get the serger around those top two corners.

I had to fix one of them by hand:
Not my best work but eh, hopefully it will hold.

So basically it's going to become more like a 'traditional fitted' shape, with a large rounded front and possibly even longer wings. I'll scour the Internet again this weekend for free patterns again if I can't get this current one to look how I want.

I didn't make a soaker pad for this because I want to see of the body of the diaper will hold up after washing, so I'm just using one of my existing doublers, a bummis preemie prefold.

Decepticon Diapers: more than meets the eye...


  1. Oh you should have worked it so at least one diaper had a Decepticon on the bum! They are cute though!

  2. I would have, but that applique is velvet and it wouldn't have held up during the washes.